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Publication Design

The local, non-profit news organization maintains a digital first approach, but, with the newspaper, it now has a physical medium with which to reach new readers—especially older readers who are less likely to be active online but are still involved in the community.

This blending of a traditional printed format with a modern approach was key to the conception of the design. The 8-page publication prints in black and uses a single spot color. This balances the need to maintain a shoestring budget with the desire to have a dynamic, modern design.

Typefaces were chosen with legibility in mind, and the use of white space throughout is generous. Custom illustrations and bold pull quotes draw readers in, and allow the thoughtful long-form story formats and beautiful photography hold them there.

East Lansing Info
Marketing + Publication Design

East Lansing Info (ELi) is a local, non-profit news source for the City of East Lansing. The 16-year-old still in me—the high school editor-in-chief who ate lunch in the journalism lab while designing the student newspaper—was delighted when the opportunity arose to design a printed newspaper for ELi.

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Podcast Branding

Episodes are available online, on Spotify, and also air at 9 a.m. Sundays on WDBM at 88.9 FM.

ELI Podcast_Logo.png

“I love so very much about what you’ve done in this issue. The front and last pages are particularly wonderful. Each edition when laid out by you feels like such an honoring of our reporters’ work!”

Alice Dreger, ELi Executive Director & Publisher

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