Tiny Home, Big Flava
Cookbook Design

Justin & Juby are lifestyle vloggers who I collaborated with to create the vibrant, colorful, plant-based cookbook: Tiny Home Big Flava’. It's filled with more than 50 recipes and features lots of full color photography of healthy meals, smoothies, and snacks.


"We have poured our hearts into this cookbook & its a collection of our best recipes—making this the ultimate cookbook in our eyes!"

— Justin & Juby


Cookbook Design

Working on this project excited and challenged me. I needed to be organized, structured, and to see the big picture from early in the planning stages. At the same time, I had to stay detail oriented and maintain sharp focus on every recipe, and not get lost in the big (drool-inducing) picture.

​Juby’s photography never failed to make me hungry as I worked on each page, and the level of attention and care she took with every aspect of the book stands out. I am really proud of how this book turned out and expect to add some new meals to my repertoire.



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