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One of the best parts of my job is seeing a brand grow. Something that begins with just logo design can grow to include business cards, brochures, and more.

Image by Kamila Maciejewska

Let's talk

Discovery +
Brand Foundation

To begin, we talk about your business goals and identify your project’s timeline. I follow up with a custom project proposal and outline whatever deliverables that includes, along with overall investment, and a detailed service agreement. We will meet (in person or online) for consultation and creative direction.


This is where I do the magic (aka work you don’t see.) This includes sketching, brainstorming, researching, sketching, digitizing, exploring, and then sketching some more until I find the strongest idea and go from there. In this stage I am working with the logo mark, typefaces, colors, and a mood board, to create one, beautiful, strategic, and cohesive concept for your brand.

If you want to see more than one concept, I use a process that includes a set number of rounds of exploration before narrowing in on the one that works best for you.


Logo Concept Exploration + Digital Exploration

My initial concepts will almost always be provided as hand-rendered sketches—sometimes on paper, sometimes on my tablet. From here, the options are narrowed down to a small selection from the original exploration.


The strongest concepts are then digitized, and some alternate options might be created, based on feedback from the first round. The options are narrowed again to a final concept.

Brand Presentation

After developing the complete concept, I present it to you in real time. This includes the logo mark(s), colors, mockups and anything else outlined in the proposal. Here I will demonstrate the overall brand vision, expanding from the logo into colors, photo styles, and overall look and feel.

Fine Tuning

At this point, we work together to make any revisions, and I create the collateral material outlined in the proposal. With any branding project, I include one free collateral item as outlined in the project brief (such as a business card, bookmark, coaster, etc.)

Brand Guide + Launch

Once you’ve approved the final designs, I provide a Brand Guide and all files requested for the future as final deliverables. Then you do the fun part and launch the brand new look.


Branding Project Investment

Since every project I take on is different, we’ll discuss your specific needs and create a customized proposal. Although investment varies depending on overall complexity and deliverables, most clients end up somewhere in the $2-7k range.


I’m happy to offer payment plan options that make the process more accessible, because branding (and beyond) is such an important investment in your business, self, and livelihood that I take seriously.


Also remember that you don’t have to do it all right away. I have an ongoing relationship with most of my clients and work on collateral materials and other projects on an as needed basis. Start from where you are now, and grow from there.

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