Rather than a traditional blog, on this page you can find me sharing about my work, process, and some of the things that inspire me most.


cookbook design dream come true

A little over a year ago I started watching Justin & Juby on YouTube. In one of the videos they mentioned their dream of creating a...

print is not dead

The 16-year-old still in me—the high school newspaper nerd—was delighted when given the change to design a new local newspaper.

some rules

This December, I am printing out a copy of Sister Corita's rules to live by and commit to memory.

not a blog

I've been putting this off for a while now. What would I even say? I’m a graphic designer, but I don’t have a single clear focus or style or



When I began designing for Habitat for Humanity Capital Region (H4HCR), they asked me to help rebrand their newsletter to match standards the international organization established. The bright colors and crisp typefaces guided my approach to creating a variety of bold and energetic  materials--both digital and printed--for the local communications team.

Giving ToolsDay.jpg


Created graphics for a fundraising campaign

HH Newsletter Fall2019 COVER.jpg


Designed their bi-annual newsletter

House Graphic.jpg


Customized graphics for the communications team

H4H What will you Leave Behind BLUE.jpg


Logo and graphics for a social media campaign